February Photo Fest 2015

Day 28 - Waiting

For Him


Day 27 - Taking it all in

I choked a few times, I gagged, but I managed!!

I love him taking pictures of our intimate moments
Like this one

I keep looking at all the pictures he took, they all look amazing
This two called me the most

In one I can see his cock deep down, my lips at the base
The other one, well, just shows how much I love love his manhood and I can just eat it all up...oh wait,  I did!!!


Day 26 - pussy spanking

Since my arrival, each day has been about exploring, more on his behalf than mine
The way he looks at me
The way he study me
Prides me open with his fingers
Exploring my body with either his lips, hands or finger tips

The way he puts on the leash each time he is going to fuck me, can't help just feel the rush in my pussy, my so tired and sore pussy *grins*

He suggested vitamins and now I know why, and here I was thinking I was the one who was going to do damage, pfffft, I'm fighting my sleep as I write this for each time he gets a hold of me is nap time for me.
I love the way he holds his hand up and spanks my pussy, then rubs it, spanks my right inner thigh then rubs my pussy and spanks it again, and spanks my left inner thigh, rubs my pussy, redirecting all the attention after to it, spanks it again until he holds his hand up in the air I begin to tremble thinking is coming again, fool me, he just wants to see that reaction, and after he gets what he wants, he kisses me, deeply, passionately.

Wow the stamina in this man is amazing, I may have to check his ID card, he has to be in his teens to fuck like this!

Loving February


Day 25 - When Aluv is bored

No wifi for almost 24 hours
And what a dent that put!

Happiness is never complete
Once again I wanted everything to run smoothly but ever since the vacation started, little tragedies began to unfold here and there

But I'm here, making the best of it and totally in love with my owner.


Day 24 - chicken or beef?

Seasoned meat
Beans ready
And I knew the answer I don't even know why I asked
Chicken or beef?

Of course he says chicken :)
Our first meal together
I enjoy cooking more than anything and great at it too, cooking for him was another experience.
He enjoyed his very first Dominican food!!


Day 23 - His leash

He is so delicious
I kept thinking and saying that I was going to tare him up, nom nom nom, yeah, backfired,  I turn to putty in his presence.
He basically rocks me, he must eat well and take his vitamins, we lost count of how many times we did it, but who was counting anyways pffffft, I know I was sleeping and he woke me up, and how!!

 Oh wow, each time was much better than the last.
Such passion!!
Each time he took me, claimed me *grins, I like to make it dramatical* he would tug on the leash, stretching it down between my breasts down to my wet slit and around, pulling it as he thrust in me, each time deeper and deeper, helloooo, that's too freaking hot!!!

How this girl loves His leash
And it is official, I am owned.
***I am only working with my phone here, so I will update everything that needs update within a few days.


Day 22 - cheese sandwich 

Luggage arrives tomorrow between 2 and 7 so I'm breathing now

Still out of words
And I do hope to get all my thoughts together

Still thinking to myself....
What a man!!
Where does he get that stamina?
For now resting and eating a ham and cheese sandwich.


Day 21 - Under his leash

Picture is worth a thousand words yet I have no words to describe what it felt like when he snapped the black leather leash, I'm still speechless.

Finally with my Owner
After all this time
He is so worth the wait

Now i am totally drained, sleeping on and off and lost count of how many times I came.
I think I'm more in love today!


Day 20 - A day late

Long flights
Lost luggage
And the worse airline I've ever had dealt with.
In the end....it was worth it


Day 19 - Just waiting for take off!

Just a few more hours and I'm off
Very lucky to have my great friend Wanda!!
Ride til we die! *grins*
She came to the airport to see me off, staying with me until take off.
Now, that's a friend!
Tomorrow I'll be with him!


Day 18 - flight is canceled

The perfect hair

The outfit carefully picked

Luggage packed nicely

The entire day everything was going smooth

5pm - a bit of snow begins to fall, I get nervous, I don't say a thing but I have this bitter taste in my mouth

Trip to the airport was not smooth,  traffic,  but still made it 3 hours before the flight only to find out the flight was cancelled

I began to cry instantly, I didn't even have the chance to say a thing, I couldn't stop crying and still having my little spurs here and there.

I guess tomorrow night, but is suppose to snow tomorrow, I'm devastated!!

I could go home and sleep, get some rest but I refuse to leave the airport because I know there might be something I can do to get there tomorrow, and trying my best, I have people working on it, but if it doesn't work I'll have to wait til tomorrow night.

I don't want to go home and have to go through the entire motion all over again like a deja'vu, nope, that's not me!!
I am just wowed and pissed beyond words


Day 17 - Collar is off

24 hours from now I will on a plane to see Him

I never thought this day would come

sadly His collar had to come off for TSA reasons, and because he is the one that needs to formally put it on....anyways, so yeah...

my neck feels so lonely :(

I'm so nervous
I can't stop thinking that maybe I am taking too much with me, but there is no such thing as too much, right?

I can't think straight
Is going to be a long night!


Day 16 - 48 hours

It is unreal to me

I feel like I'm dreaming

So many feelings and emotions taking over



Day 15 - Re-packing

Since the ticket for my trip was bought I have been throwing things in a suitcase,  things people have given me to take for the trip, etc.

Just three days away for take off, I'm nervous and to add a bit to my little anxiety I'm not allowed to cum after Tuesday morning, he was very kind about it cause he could have just said starting today *grins*
I don't know about many people but I do know I need to cum before I fall asleep.

Back to the packing
I overpacked, again, funny thing is that overpacked on things i am not going to need, I had over 15 nail polishes,  I'm only gonna be there 15 days, oh and I had only shirts, tangtops, and socks, absolutely no bottoms, no skirts, I did have 2 dresses in there, including the one I am wearing the day I leave.

Each time I travel I learn something new about packing, unfortunately it has taken me quite a few times to get it a bit right, I am wiser than before, taking some things in perspective, like food, things i really wanted to eat while i was there but was not at my reach, for instance my coffee, tuna, and plantains-which I didn't get to see there at all, and a lady that travels to Egypt suggested for me to take my Dominican stuff cause is a bit expensive or you can't find it at all.

I am still gathering a few treats I wanna bring some friends, I am doing well on that at least.
Still have 3 days left to make sure everything is all set, wIll do one last check up Wednesday morning, just to make sure.

This is too exciting!!!!
3 more days to fly,  wow


Day 14 - Valentines Day

Happy V-Day


Day 13 - 50 Shades of Gray opening night

No comment
He was hot
They looked good together
The end


Day 12 - Throw Back Thursday - My Valentine

Valentines day week from my WOW days (Whip'em Out Wednesday)


Day 11 - Resting

Half way through the week
Long and full day at work and preparing things for the time I'll be away.  My back is killing me, so much pain, maybe from tension. 

I was a bit off today...I felt sad somehow.

For now, some criminal minds with the roomy and hopefully get my Z's very soon

A bit hard trying to post from a cellphone.


Day 10 - Impatient

One of my biggest faults is that at times I get very very impatient
For the most part I am cool, I manage well but when the anxiety strikes and I want something or feel the need for it I kinda of go over board
yes, I overdose!

I got burned this morning trying to rush

So much in my mind this days and having to return to work this morning did not help.
I know, I am a big baby *grins*
my friend did a great job at treating the burn, but it looks a bit dramatic...ehehe
Just need to be careful

One thing that is making my days brighter....

8 more days to see my Master

Not so impatient for that one, well, maybe just a bit, I am scared cause I know there are things that will take place that I have never experienced and I have waited so long and I can't believe the day is just around the corner!

yaay for me!


Day 9 - Inventory

Making scarfs, and headbands
Chakra Trinkets, and bracelets
Soap and scrubs
Head Jewelry and accessories 
Doing more research for my soon to be career and business...
It has been a very busy day


Day 8 - Wearing Pants

Back in 2008 I read a book called the Story of O and a few of the things I read that she was subjected to take it upon myself to try them out, this was before I met my Master.

More than a year without wearing undies and pants became extinct from my wardrobe.
When I mentioned it He very much enjoyed it and decided to keep it as part of the very few rules he has imposed.

Most of the time I've asked for permission to use pants, I believe he had only denied my request in two occasions,  the few times I haven't asked I have to admit I feel guilty for I feel I'm going behind his back, disobeying, breaking the rules but I always manage to feel better after I come up with valid excuses to ease my mind., not that it makes it right, but hey, it works...
I'm a bad girl, one of the valid excuses is "what Papi can't see won't get my ass whooped"

People ask if I'm cold, duh, no shit, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  of course I'm cold, what kind of question is that?  I really don't get into details of why I'm not wearing pants, some think I'm pentecostal and is a religion thing, ehehe, lol.

I've been good, no pants no matter how cold it has been, through snow storm, temps below 0 and still faithfully wearing my skirts or dresses, sticking to them and the rule,  trying to be obedient, today I didn't try so hard, the snow beat me down and made me break down, I had to, the wind was kicking ass and the cold was intolerable.
I could have asked permission but it would have taken a long time for a response, it felt very odd having pants on, out of my character and even uncomfortable.

How lovely when rules becomes a habit.


DAY 7 - Friends

Long night and morning
I think we went to bed at 6am and getting about 3 hours of sleep.

Our friend Lady J was away for almost a year and she is finally with us!!  Welcome home babygirl

So far we've spent the weekend together, 
went out clubbing last night, 
spent 3 hours just talking when we got home, telling each other off, you know, girl stuff.

it has been fun, relaxing, and a bit wild 


DAY 6 - Week is over

Returning to work this week after having so many days was hard
I felt out of it
Could not get into the rhythm of things
Really puts in perspective what I no longer want to do - work for someone else.

Glad the week is over


DAY 5 - Snowing

The snow does not cease, for a few weeks we have been experiencing one snow storm after the other, makes me nervous because of my trip and cancellations due to weather.

There is another storm been announced beginning Sunday and ending on Tuesday...then again we live in New England and the weather here is very unpredictable...

Took me over an hour to make it to work, at times I felt like turning back, thinking of my warm bed and how much I am missing it at this time
My mind drifting into different directions, of where I want to go, where I want to be, and what I must do to get there

For now....
Just looking at the most amazing view and daydreaming about my near vacation and the fact that I am going to see my Master



After so many snowdays and out of work, the routine was broken, amazing how one gets used to been home and doing what one likes instead of renting my time to another for a job...

Back to work it was
the routing there didn't change
Once again naked
in one of the private bathrooms
playing with myself


DAY 3 - Playing Nurse

my roomy had surgery yesterday and I am only grateful I had two days off work to be at home, relax and play nurse.


DAY 2 - Video games

I am always too busy to do certain little things I enjoy like watching anime and playing video games, the perks of being an adult (adult who?)
When I get a chance and can squeeze a few hours of game time I do so, and today was one of those rare days


DAY 1 - Crochet

Molly's Daily Kiss is hosting a February Photofest and I decided to join.

For the next 28 days I will be posting daily pictures of myself and a bit of what will partake this wonderful month in which many amazing things will be happening.

Making a chakra scarf and getting things started for my new and near future.  I very much enjoy working naked, sleeping naked and if it was up to me I would be in the house naked most of the time, this days privacy does not allow it.
Tonight I had the house all to myself for a few hours and took that opportunity to enjoy this freedom that does not come as often as it used to.

Sincerely Yours


SassyCat3000 said…
Glad to see you're taking part in February Photo Fest!! Looking forward to seeing all your photos ;)
Now that our house is "empty" and it's wonderful not having to get dressed.
Anonymous said…
so many lovely images!
Molly said…
I LOVE the shot of you in the snow and the one with the scarf. Your images are just brilliant. Hope you are having fun with Febphotofest

Unknown said…
I hope you feel better. Some lovely images.